Thursday, July 5, 2007

Boats Boats, Everywhere, But not a one to Sail.

You would think that living in a marina, surrounded by boats, that SOMEWHERE you must be able to rent one.... but as today I have not found one. I went to a place that looked like it would... lots and lots of boats, life jackets, etc. And I had seen people go out and have kayak and windsurfing lessons. So I went to the place and patiently waited for the man to finish his conversation with a friend while he smoking a cigarette... waited... waited... coughed a few times...scuffled my feet around, finally i realized this was not going to happen... so i butted in and asked, can one rent a boat here. He slowly smiled.. No, not here... Um ok, Do you just do lessons? No.. this is private... Oh, um....well do you know where you can rent a boat? ...Nowhere in the Herzliya marina... Um ok... um... wow... well thanks... Maybe once i can read hebrew i can find more places on the internet, but now i feel that most websites are in hebrew. At least the weekend is starting today! I think that tomorrow we may attempt Ikea ( it was closed when we wanted to go before) and perhaps see some ruins.

but for now, i'm sure missing this....