Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Growing up, I loved miniatures and dollhouses. And I think a lot of other girls did too... except I wasn't that little...I was about 13 or 14. There were never any people in my houses. I only loved to decorate. This was my first swing at interior design ( i would also change my bedroom around every 2 weeks like a mad woman, but that's another story...) Any money I saved from baby sitting would go straight with me to the miniature shop; they knew me well in there. When I wasn't buying new pieces, i was making them. I made tiny cakes, pies, plates of vegetables, all out of clay, and then painstakingly painted them. I crafted mini bottles of shampoo, soda, toothpaste, magazines, clothes, anything that was possible. I started with your, oh i don't know standard colonial house, this then received 2 additions on each side ( oh the taxes!, snort) Later I built (from a kit) a shop, and then after that, a restaurant, complete with menus and specials. I could have made a town if i had the space. But inevitably I got older and the houses went into the attic. When I was home recently I went to look at them. Despite my mom so kindly wrapping them up, some mice still got in and pooped everywhere! They could have at least used the bathroom, I had made mini toilet paper! But seeing it all brought back the fun I had creating everything. I would love to re-do them, or maybe even get a new little house to work on. As long as no one makes fun of me for playing with a dollhouse. I swear, i'm not playing... i'm "decorating" Gosh!
dollhouse from here.


Anonymous said...

Zoe, To fulfill your minihome craving, check out the blue cardboard mobilehome at!

- Denise

meghan said...

wow! what a cool thing to learn about you. that's crazy making all of those things. cool.