Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy Fourth of July!!

I hope all of you in the states have a great fourth of July! For me, I feel like there are 2 days in the summer that really define "summer". The Fourth of July and, the Falmouth Road Race. Last year I was on the cape for the 4th, and this year I'll be there for the race. I believe Woods Hole is the most magical place in the world. As a child there was folk singing, swim lessons, science school, the freedom of a bike ride. As we got older, it was staying up late, creating a ton of noise, night swimming. Whatever our lives were like during the year, however awkward those teen years, middle school, and, high school were, we had Woods Hole. In Woods Hole, we were who we wanted to be, happy, carefree, without any judgement. Not only did we have each other, but we had our town.

Later, as we got older and had jobs that stole us back to reality for the week, it became only weekends if we were close by, or one trip per summer if cross country. But these weekends were packed with enough fun to last us through the week, or even months. Days spent on boats, on beaches, Food Buoy sandwiches on Stoney beach, late nights at The Kidd, drunken walks home on the bike path. The friends that I made as a child are still the best friends I could ever ask for.
Lifelong friends and a Magical town.