Thursday, July 5, 2007

Thursday Night is Alright... for a Picnic

Tonight I made a picnic and when Erik came home from work we walked down to the beach for a sunset picnic.

It was so nice, very relaxing... until at one point, I was turned to Erik, probably engrossed in telling a story and using my arms a lot and not paying attention to anything around and i feel this "thing" next to me and turn around there is a huge dog kicking sand on me and slobbering and i SWEAR trying to eat my cheese... ick... although.. i did feel a twinge of "oh i'd like to cuddle you!!" but he interrupted me, so no. Then we came home and had a wonderful dinner of seared tuna and broccoli. and we were drinking wine... and we were like... hmmm do we need another bottle....( not to bring katherine in AGAIN... but kharris and i would have nights like that... and we'd be think hmm do we want more wine.. can we brave the ny cold to walk 15 feet to the store, we donned our hats and scarves and made it) anyway, won't give away the end of this story. Tomorrow we are about to battle Ikea, which we heard that NO one want's to do....yikes...

doesn't it look like i'm in arizona? and not just turning around from my picnic sunset... with dogs?