Thursday, September 27, 2007

Back from the North

We're back! We got back yesterday afternoon... the day was spent at the beach and watching 3 movies in a row... Our trip was SOOO nice. We left at 8 in the morning and began our 2 hour trip north to Dalton Winery. After that we went to another winery (i forgot the name...) and then to Golan Heights Winery which was about to close. oops. However, they did suggest a kibbutz for us to lunch eat at, and it was perfect.

After our food we drove down to Kinneret to where we were to stay the night. It was really nice. We had a view of the Sea of Galilee.

I took more photos on erik's camera and will get them on computer soon... my camera battery died and so I was only able to take photos of the, um, important things.... like food...hee