Thursday, September 13, 2007

Perfect Day

Yesterday was a lovely-ovely day! We drove to a winery, Tishbi, which was sooo nice. You can bring a container and fill up your own olive oil, or wine. Outside was a beautiful area where you can eat and drink wine under a canopy of vines. We managed to pick up some wine and Roshashana gifts for our supper hosts. Pomegranates, honey and apples are all very meaningful in this holiday (I learned this later... at first I was like, wow... pomegranates sure are in now...silly girl). We then drove to Ceasarea in hopes of finding some lunch.

However, everything was closed. We found a bar where the bartenders were about to close up and were eating their own lunches. We asked them if there was anywhere nearby that we could find food. They insisted they we take one of their hotdogs. Hee! We then later managed to get another snack at a nearby hotel. We then began our journey north to the town of Shimshit ( seriously, that's the name...there were many giggles in the car... we are very mature...)

We had been invited by one of Erik's colleagues to his sister's family's house for the new year dinner. I was so taken by how thoughtful and kind it was of them to invite 2 American strangers into their house to share this holiday. We had a great time, and ate a ton. All in all it was a perfect day filled with new places, new people, and lots of kindness.