Sunday, September 9, 2007

Wild Weekend

We had a great weekend full of active-y sporty things.

On Friday we went into Tel Aviv and rented these motor boats along the Yarkon River. According to the guide book, swallowing the water will lead to a "life threatening lung infection". So, um, we made sure not to drink any... But it was really nice to be back on the water.

We need to look into joining some sort of yacht club, Erik is starting to get antsy not being able to sail. After our potentially life threatening boat ride, we walked along the Tel Aviv Port. Once again, it was sooo hot, so our walking didn't last too long.

On Saturday we unpacked our bikes and went for a nice long bike ride. We rode to Apollonia, a historical park with ancient ruins.

It was a pretty spectacular view; the bright blue water glistening behind old ruins of a fortress buit back in the Crusader Period.

The weekend then ended with a roof sunset....


Ayelet said...

Mmmmm.. Lovely. Israel looks so great through your eyes!