Friday, April 18, 2008

Back Again!

We're back from an AMAZING trip!!!! I don't have any photos as I lent my camera to erik's parents ( theirs was stolen in Europe...can you imagine! all of their photos gone...horrible), but Erik took a bunch, so I'll have those up soon. We began in Eilat. There was an incredibly fun boat trip to the shores of Taba (on Egypt's Sinai penninsula). The water was this dark turquiose color. I had never seen this blue color in water before. It was fantastical. We then went up to Masada and the dead sea. Floating in the Dead Sea was one of the strangest, and coolest things I have ever done in Israel...and actually...ever done in my life. The color of the sea is this light turquoise-y green-y blue. Set against the sandy brown of the rocks around. So surreal. I can't wait to go back. The whole area was phenomenal, I can't even begin to describe it... you'll have to see it for yourself!

image from here.