Sunday, April 6, 2008

Part One: Eilat

We left early in the morning for the 4.5 hour drive to Eilat. For a lot of the drive, you are in complete desert, with no cars or anything around so, well.... you tend to lose track of how fast you're going... the next thing you know, out of NOWHERE a policeman pulls me over. I swear he must have been hiding under a tumble weed. He was like "Why are you driving fast, the limit is 100km you are going 120" and I was like, Oh, um, oh, sorry... um.... Again, " You are speeding, why" Oh... really? um.... yeah.... um.... and then that was it... it was over, no ticket. so that was good. I played dumb, unintentionally; I actually was dumb. So then we arrived and had a perfect lunch on the beach.

The next morning we went on a jeep safari through the desert. We saw flamingos, gazelle, and lizards.

We then drove around the rocks, it was incredible.

We also passed through an abandoned army camp that was later used in a film, hence the US army signs. Sheila would have loved this and it's creepy-ness.

It was a perfect day that ended with some beach time...lovely.