Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yes or No?

Do we like these shoes? Or are they totally ugly? Hmmm... I think I might...maybe like them?? They are from Nine West, and as I went to the website, there was a link for "Shop prom; Prom Fever is Rising". Wow..... the prom.... Remember the prom?! The prom was the reason Erik asked me out... in high school...13 years ago! Crazy.... I wore a plain black sundress and a huge silver necklace from India. Looking back, maybe it would have been more fun to wear something a bit more foofy, and vintage, girly....However, in high school, I had blue hair, pink hair, and only wore Doc Martins, so I wasn't about to wear a full 'prom' dress. I owned one pair of heels, black John Fluevogs with a huge buckle on them... oh how I have changed....(still have the fluevogs though...)


Patty said...

I say a definite "yes"...they remind me of a well worn leather satchel..but for your feet!!