Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Heart Books

I've been waiting for this book, Bazaar Style to come out since I read about it on Decor8. While I was putting it in my cart ( I often put things in my cart and then wait a while to buy them... I know, I'm weird. It's just one of my things), I saw this Lotta Jansdotter book, which also found it's way into my cart.

It looks like a pretty awesome book. Something I've been thinking about lately is focusing more of making things. My future mother-in-law and I were talking about how I have so much time here... more time than I may ever have again, and it would be silly for me not to be making things. I want to print fabric, I want to paint, I want to sew, to embroider, knit, crochet, read, be inspired... On monday, erik is flying to the US and his parents are flying home, so I will be left all alone after 3 1/2 weeks of back to back guests. I'm hoping to just throw myself into creating. Let's hope it happens...


Anonymous said...

I recently ordered the Lotta book too. I'd like to try printing my own fabric. Mind it would mean I have an even bigger fabric stash waiting to be used!