Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Oh Domino!

Cecelia brought me the latest Domino Magazine. Oh it is sooo good. I've only allowed myself to read a couple of pages a night to prolong the excitement. (which reminds me of this time when we were younger and our family went on a ski trip to Vail with the Levitans. Us kids found a gift shop that sold those funny capsules that you'd put into water and then they would dissolve and a sponge animal would pop out. And kathy was like, Let's only put one capsule in at a time, to prolong the ecstasy. and I thought to what big words...)
Anyway.... So the magazine is very good.

There is the amazing article about Drew Barrymore's office (eek! love!) and it's the decorator issue, so lots on that too. There's also an interesting article by India Hicks about her designer father, David. Oh I almost can't wait to go to sleep tonight to read more... I've missed Domino... I haven't found it near me here yet.

We're off to Eilat tommorow, so I will be out of touch for a few days. All the more time to find perfect pieces to report back on...(they have a big mall there of course...)
all photos of fabric designer, Peter Dunham's LA home from Domino.


bumblebird said...

I LOVE Drew!! This is a fantastic issue. I remember those capsules. You always ended up with some morphic image of the creature it was suppose to be, and some of them were even gooey. I have a little something over at my blog that I think you might like...Have a great weekend!