Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ikea Fun (?)

I decided to make the trip to Ikea today... Why I chose today, I'm not sure. Most people have a holiday today and are off work, plus according to it's 90 degrees... add to this the feeling that it was 'Take-your-whole-extended- family-plus-baby-carriages-to-Ikea Day'... does not a happy zoe make. However, I made it through the store, only grumbling when I accidently went to the show room part, and not the shopping part. Ugh. In the end, I did come away with some fun gems. I'm really excited about this alarm clock since I don't have one...although I'm a little worried the tick-tocking may keep me awake...we'll see.
Some fabric which ended up being only about $3 a meter...

Vases, candle and pillow cases...

And the pillow cases in action, on the chair we found last summer.


Anonymous said...

Love your living room. It's airy and spacious with lots of interesting, personal touches to give character.

And so tidy!!