Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Birds and Sparkles, Oh My!

I've opened up the Christmas box this morning, I think the tree may go up today...Lights or no lights. Because I share the tree with Erik and didn't want to scare him away, I compromised with a blue decorated tree instead of my favorite pink. However, I covered the whole tree with fake birds and butterflies. weee.
This morning I went to the Herzliya Museum of Art. It was interesting, I'm still processing it all. I'm unfamiliar with Israeli artists and was surprised that the majority of the artists featured were about my age! (but maybe I'm just getting older and most artists are around 30!?) I think I've given up my hope of being an artist...I thought when I graduated college, I would move to New York, have a loft and paint all day... ha! However, it did give me hope to learn that Christian Dior didn't open his fashion house until he was about 41. So it's never too late to start something. And right now I'm going to start going on a walk.