Friday, November 9, 2007

Clear Sky, Clear Mind

Feeling much better now. 2 cups of coffee later and giving in to the fact that lying in bed staring at the ceiling is not as productive as getting up, doing something and napping later. Hurray! I'm myself again and not a slave to the buzzing in my head! Last night in between watching a program on Why Sharks Attack People on the National Geographic channel (I will now never learn to surf or "wear contrasting colors in the water" again) and cooking pasta with calamari and tomato sauce, I finally picked a project off of my "mending and to do" sewing pile.

I bought this caridigan from Forever 21 before we moved but felt it needed something new, so added these trims. That's one thing off a pile that will sit for another few monthes... A bit like this project..

it was started a while ago, but has taken up residence on my chair, and no one has complained yet... so it will stay there for a bit longer. Maybe until Crocodile Week on National Geographic...