Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wedding Update

While I was home, I got my dress!! I'm very excited to have that out of the way. I originally had an idea in my head and wanted to find a dressmaker, but it all seemed so complicated that I went to the first bridal store I found, tried on 4 dresses (all of which I would have been happy with) and picked one. I think that, for me, the dress isn't a big deal... I didn't need to find "the one". Instead, I'm focusing on what fun shoes I'll wear. Also, Erik and are thinking of having a big party/reception 2 weeks after, in California for anyone who can't make it. We're thinking maybe on the beach? At a winerie? Still thinking... but a fun idea... We're even thinking of having our honeymoon in California. I mean, We live in such a beautiful place here, and are close to many places to travel, that a trip to California makes a lot of sense moneywise and travel wise....again, we'll see.....
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