Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fun Things!

I spent the day unpacking yesterday, and now am enjoying the treasure
trove of things I got back in the states. For example...This dress I
got at TJ Maxx for less than a starbucks coffee...perfect for the
weather here. Fun magazines that are still being sent to my parents
house, so that when I'm home for trips, I have an enormous pile waiting
for me.

And fun things from Joannes Fabric.

I'm starting to think about Christmas presents... get ready! On a crappier note, I'm suffering from the worst jet lag I've ever had... I can't stop sleeping and feel nauseated all the time... i haven't had lunch in the past two days... me! who
loves food!


Heather said...

HI Zoe-
I hope you feel better soon. It was nice to meet you and I really enjoy your blog. Cute dress!