Wednesday, November 7, 2007


In about a week Erik and I are flying to Amsterdam for his birthday. We're meeting some friends there and I am SOOO excited. I'm keeping myself busy creating an itinerary. After Amsterdam, we are flying on to London to stay with my grandmother, Giggi. Or as I like to call her, Giggles. We will be in London for Thanksgiving and will be spending it with one of my oldest friends ever...(I actually knew her before she was even born) Growing up our families would spend Thanksgiving together every year. However, both of our families are British. Because of traffic, or any other excuse, we always made our Thanksgiving on the Friday. And this year in London (she moved from NY to London last year), our Thanksgiving will be on a Friday as well. I'm really excited.
And in my head, I'm wearing this... and I look like this....

Although, in my rush to pack up, I forgot the cranberries (Oops! Sorry Lisa!!)

(thanksgiving photos from here.)