Monday, November 12, 2007

Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

I would LOVE to have a pink themed Christmas... however, I think that may be met with some protests...Boys don't love pink. Especially mine. Maybe I can have a small pink section somewhere in the house. A few years ago (I think in 1999), there was this great idea in Living Etc, get a few twigs, spray paint them white and put them in a glass vase. Then wrap pink fairy lights around them and add pink feather butterflies and miniature pink glass balls. I made it at my parents house. Unfortunately it was near the front door, and kept falling over... Make sure it's well grounded.... Erik is going to Boston when we get back from our Europe trip and this is when I'm be putting up the tree. So who knows what can happen when a zoe is left alone with a tree and lots of pink ribbon.....mwaa haa haaaa.