Monday, November 26, 2007


We arrived in London on Tuesday afternoon and from then on were on a whirlwind of everything to see in London mission. We spent the first day walking around to see Trafaglar Square, Houses of Parliment, Big Ben.

We made our way over the Thames to the London Eye. It was pretty amazing to see everything from that height. It took about half an hour to go all the way around.

I would not recommend it to anyone afraid of heights, or close spaces that are really high up.... We then had lunch in a reastaurant that was actually a docked boat. From there we walked around Soho and Oxford St.
Next day, we went on a boat cruise along the Thames. It was a lunch cruise and when we signed up the woman who booked us freaked out when she heard we were living in Israel. She had lived here for most of her life and was missing it as she now lives in Lonon. So we chatted for a while and she gave us the best table on the boat. Right in front next to the window. Hurray!

After the lunch, we walked all the way to the top of St Pauls Cathedral.

Oh my god. I was out of breath, and freaked out by the height and small staircases... there were 2 small children behind us crying the whole time because they were so scared... but there is only one way up and one way down, but once you're on your way up, you can't go down until you get to the top. yikes. But the view from the top was worth it all.

After that (I told you we did a lot...) we went to the Tate Modern.

The latest piece downstairs is an enormous crack.

Very Andy Goldsworthy.

After that we met up with our friend Lisa. She took us to this great cocktail lounge. I swear it was like drinking a martini in Anthropologie.

I loved it. After that, we had curry in Bricklane.
On Friday we went to the V&A Museum. There was a great Ikat exhibit, and a really great craft exhibit.

But the best was the Golden Age of Couture. Beautiful Dior dresses, perfect Richard Avedon photos, all in a dark serene setting with 1950s music. I was so moved that I was crying. We celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday at Lisa's house. The food was sooo good, and the company awesome. Our last day was spent going to Harrods, Kings Rd, Leicester Square, and riding lots of double decker buses. Phew... unfortunately something happened at Erik's work and he had to fly out to Dallas instead of coming home with me. All he had was his suitcase full of dirty vacation clothes... and last night when he arrived.... they had lost his suitcase! Poor thing.... I hope he comes home soon. After spending every second together for the past 10 days, i'm going through withdrawal!