Sunday, January 13, 2008

All Creatures Great and Small

Yesterday, Erik and I went for a (cold) walk on the beach. Despite being incredibly tired, we thought some fresh air and exercise would do us good. I asked our Hebrew teacher what the word for 'jet lag' is and they use the word 'hangover'. Go figure. Anyway, on our walk we were surprised by the large amount of jelly fish washed up on shore.

The medusa (as they call them) are enormous here, I wouldn't want to meet one while swimming....
Erik and I had both recently noticed these 2 green parrots that have been living above our window, I mean, like parrot parrots... not birds you normally see. So you can imagine the excitement this morning during our language lesson, while the poor teacher is trying to get us to say "In Connecticut it is cold, in South Carolina it is warm' in Hebrew, a green parrot flys to our window. We are now satisfied having a third witness to our unusual feather friends.

Apparently they are not indigenous to the area... perhaps someone let them out of a cage. But as they have made our top windowsill their home, Erik and I have informally adopted them.