Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back and in full swing

Oh boy... I've been so bad with posting... and eating.. and not working out...Now I'm back. We arrived back to Israel yesterday afternoon, and i've been sleeping the whole time. 16 hours last night, and I'm ready for more tonight. Damn jet lag. Anyway... here are a few photos... If anyone has better ones please let me know, I was spending more time socializing and less photo taking. So, obviously, above are the loverly loverly new shoes.... sigh...
New years was Great! We had a sky theme, (does anyone have a better photo? I took this as we were decorating and thought it looked better in the end...) and the Bewleys out did themselves with an even better New Years explosion than ever before.

You can see it here. Erik's brother Randy, also took a great movie from the other side of the ball, more up close, so we'll see if we can get that one up.
There were the annual jello shots...

There were many people that we missed this year, Mellman, Sandra, Lara, Molly, Emily, Corey, and so many more, but the nice thing about New Years is, it will come every year, so there is always a next one.
I then spent one day on the cape figuring out wedding stuff.

My mom and I chose the coldest day ever... hmph. But a lot was done. Hurray!
Erik and I then spent our last night in New York since as we were flying out the next day from JFK. We stayed in a hotel that we had stayed in for my 30th, we had wonderful views, and it was a great way to spend my last day in my favorite city.

I will upload more photos tomorrow (and this time i really promise)and there will be more posts. I can now get back to the important things... catching up on blogs, magazines, british vogue, and (eee!) my winter coats, it's cold enough now to don my perfect blue A-line wool coat and black boots. Perfect!


Peter said...

Great update! For those interested (and who wouldn't be?), via Konrad, here's youtube footage of BEWLEY BALL 2008:

zoe said...

it really is spectacular... it gets the best toward the end... and my favorite part is trying to pick out who is screaming and laughing... i definitely heard erik in there somewhere....

Anonymous said...

Here's a look at the ball from the other side courtesy of Randy (looking at the house from the woods).