Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cold Snap. Oh Snap.

Apparently we are experiencing some of the coldest weather Israel has had in years. People tell us this as if we're supposed to feel better about it. We went out for dinner last night and walked maybe 1/4 of a mile to the restaurant and I was frozen. A popsicle. The houses here aren't made for cold weather, they are made of concrete, to keep the cool in during the hot summers... unfortunately they also keep the cool in during the freezing winter. And what's deceptive is that it's sunny out... very very clear blue skies and sun. But! being an east coaster, I know that this is the most deceptive kind of cold there is. So I've been cuddled up with my quilt and the Hallmark channel. Thank god for made for tv movies...
Amazing how much one can write about the weather... I'm becoming a bore... I'll blame that on the weather too...
hat from here.


STEVE DePINO said...

Hey Zoe!
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving that note!
Your now on my bloglines list of blogs to check daily :)