Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just My Luck...

Last week I was walking through the mall near our house and almost exploded with joy when I saw that the cinema there was playing Atonement. I had meant to see it while I was home but never found the time. Having read the book a few years ago, I was excited to see it on the big screen, assuming they would do justice to the novel. I have a fondness for most of Ian McEwan's works and wouldn't mind if 'Saturday' was made into a film. I didn't think it was really Erik's type of movie, so I decided to see it this week during the day, hoping that they did day time showings. Yesterday I made the trek (it really can be deemed a trek; I take a short cut that takes me over dunes, and though what I believe is some sort of sewer... what a girl will do for retail therapy) to the mall. I was giddy with excitement, I kept telling myself that if it was not playing in the afternoon, I could then have a definite plan of when to come back etc etc... I got to the ticket counter and not only was the cinema closed... the Atonement poster was gone. No longer playing there. Totally deflated, I moped back through the mall. The only thing that stopped me from moping even more was the fact that... It's sale time now!! I happened upon this silk dress from Mango that was so on sale, I won't even give the price.

Despite the plain-ness of the photo (and i apologize for the wrinkles.), it's actually very 1920's with the dropped waist and stitching detail on the front. Great with high heeled gold mary janes, a long necklace, and perhaps a feather in the hair? So all was not lost yesterday... and actually with the Golden Globe win, maybe they'll bring the film back... although I won't hold my breath, they have been playing what looks like a dreadful Ben Stiller movie for about 2 months now... hmph.