Friday, January 11, 2008

Jackie Smith

For Christmas, my best friend/twin, Katherine, received a Jackie Smith handbag from her boyfriend. I loved the bag, but had never really heard of the company... for some reason, it conjured up visions of romance novels... perhaps Joan Collins/Jackie Collins... not sure... Anyhoo... she sent me the website and eeeeee! Great bags, great shoes... see... never pass over a shoe and bag company because you've never heard of them, or the name makes you think of Fabio sprawled over a bale of hay....


Anonymous said...

We are Jackie Smith`s owners. We are happy that you liked our products. We are a bit worried about how the brand would be perceived in the US. It would be great if you could let us know more of your thoughts/feelings/fantasies about the name Jackie Smith (constructive feedback is always welcomed at our company!)
Best. Julian Lozzia and Valeria Smith. email:

Anonymous said...

I am James, your twin's boyfriend. I think the Jackie Smith bag I purchased is wonderful and if Katherine doesn't stop spilling tea on it it I'm going to hide it from her. I know my sister and step-mother also love all the presents they received from Jackie Smith.

Anonymous said...

I am Juliette.
I have purchased Jackie Smith handbags and think that the cost/quality ratio isn´t good.

Sincerely you should be worrying more about what the customer gets in return.


Anonymous said...

Alhtough Jackie Smith purses are very nice they are way overpriced. You can find many other Argentine brands that are as nice for much less.

Anonymous said...

I find their shoes gorgeous, just a tad too wide and sizing is odd. I purchased their flats in a size 6, and tried their heels in a 5 but my toes were all over and it felt like my foot would come off the shoe thru the peephole!!

Their shoes are super pretty but too wide for my feet, and their bags are nice but a tad overpriced. And well, gotta say the design for their new collection reminds me TOO much of the gucci boston bag and the LV Tivoli. Anyone else think the same way? And well, While these bags ARE leather vs Gucci's bosto and the LV Tivoli, I'm not sure I'd pay what these bags cost.

I would definitely buy their shoes, though from time to time only. At their price point I do prefer Gucci shoes on sale. :D