Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rain is Falling, My Nose is Running...

We are in the middle of an incredible storm. I was up all night to the sound of the wind clashing against the bedroom window. No one is outside unless they risk the 'inside out umbrella' look. The palm trees look like Jon Bon Jovi circa 1987 in front of a wind machine. I'm brought back to memories of being in our neighbors basement during hurricane Gloria whining over the fact that their dog, Missie, had chewed the feet off of my favorite Barbie doll... 'Never mind' said Sheila cheerfully, 'She can be boot-wearing Barbie.' hmph.
But I suppose if you're not feeling well, it's better to be inside during a storm rather than a sunny day. Right??

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Patty said...

ok, commenting again, but I have been dying for one of those domed umbrellas! Ack! I wonder if I can find them stateside....