Sunday, February 10, 2008

More Pink! More Shoes! More Pink!

Valentines Day is this week and yet again I'll be alone... It just so happens that every year either I'm travelling or Erik is, and this year he's in Texas all week. Which is fine with me, I'm actually not into the holiday at all, I just like seeing everything in pink.
I'll be drinking pink champagne out of pink glasses,

watching lots of movies that I normally wouldn't get to because they won't have an action theme, flashy cars or some sort of flying hero in them.

I'll fill the apartment with pretty flowers,

and all different sorts of cheese, chocolates, and carb loaded bread.

I can play my Pixies, Gillian Welsh, or any other artist that isn't hip hop, or breaks, as loud as I want (not that I don't like that music! just a change...). I can finish up the pink scarf I've been knitting...just in time for spring...ahem.
Finish reading this book that I bought ages ago, but have only JUST starting reading again...

I may buy a pair of shoes... in my dreams...

I know, right...just letting myself go wild... By the end of the week... I may be ready for some blue...we'll see...