Friday, February 22, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

Often times on our weekends, Erik and I make great plans and then never get anything done. Either because we can't find what we need, or something is closed, etc etc... But today we did it! This morning we went into Tel Aviv with grand plans of finding maybe a mirror, or some frames, maybe some art for our bare walls... We got a teeensy bit lost, but found where we wanted to be eventually. We stumbled into an art store and bought 4 large canvases... Art Time!!! ha. We then found a large mirror to put over our dining room table to 'create more space'... after that we had a great lunch at Moon Sushi

and then walked around Shenkein St.

We even found some pillows to put on the chair we found in the garbage 6 months ago... It was a very productive day indeed.... now we are having martinis and watching the sunset on the roof...