Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mazal Tov! or 'Oh God, I'm a Grown-Up'

Last night I went to my first bat mitzvah. It was for the daughter of one of Erik's colleagues and took place in a 'castle' near our apartment. Wow... it was like a wedding reception.

Minus the dressing up. Everyone was in jeans. I felt a bit overdressed in my patterned shift dress with purple tights and brown ankle boots... never mind. So while I was looking at all the 12 year olds, one would think I'd be brought back to when I was no. Either I'm becoming a cranky old un-cool grown-up or My Lord! they dress like 21 year olds!!!! When I was that age, I was wearing stone washed jeans folded with the pegged cuff, eastland shoes, and baggy Benneton polo shirts. The hair was half up, half down, no make up. Actually, I was pretty dorky, so maybe girls were looking more grown up than I was at that age...but anyway, These girls look like they could have been models backstage at a runway show. Skinny jeans tucked into heeled boots, off the shoulder tops, and long layered hair... And because these girls are only 12 and do not yet know the meaning of slower metabolism, love handles, or cellulite, they look great in their skinny jeans. Oh my god, I'm comparing myself to someone 19 years my junior... yikes.
Anyway, even though I'm a 'grown-up', I was forced to sit and have my portrait done...I was told by Erik's co-workers to smile.

and well.... from the looks of the final product I definitely was....perhaps too much?!