Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Time Travelers Wife

Huh... How interesting.... So I'm watching this mystery tv show, and of course have no idea what it is because A. If it's new, I haven't had a tv for the past 2 years and B. if it's not new, it's one of those weird programs that only ends up on tv here in Israel... but it had Ron Livingston aka, Burger, from Sex and the City. So I hop over to my trusty IMDB and what do I see... The Time Travelers Wife.."in production". ha! when I read the book, I imagined them making a film of it... and in my head, the time traveler was a young Daniel Day Lewis and the wife was... I'm not sure...but the whole soundtrack was the Arcade Fire 'Funeral'. When I saw Eric Bana and Rachel Mc Adams on IMDB... I had to change it around in my head...the more I look at photos... I think they may both work...