Monday, February 25, 2008

Luisa Beccaria Spring/Summer 2008

Sheila had emailed me a scan of a pair of shoes torn out of a magazine. But what really caught my eye was the dress that was worn in the photo, it was this beautiful yellow one by Milanese designer Luisa Beccaria. It was shown with a puffy tulle petticoat underneath... I'll find out where she got the image from, it was great. Anyway, I went to look up more of Beccaria's pieces and was delighted with what I found. What perfectly full sundresses! The whole s/s collection was bursting with color and great patterns. Very nice indeed. (On her website, you can see past articles in which she and her family have been featured in their amazing castle. I know that I had read one of them in the past and was struck by how beautiful the whole family was and also by the incredibly charming life they live)