Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Love Ya, But Ya Can't Do This To Me...

Oh man.. boy am I PO'ed (is that how you spell looks funny...) Ugh, so now when I go to my favorite website ever, Anthropologie, they've added some sort of new thing for people outside of the states. It KNOWS I'm here in Israel and therefore won't let me buy anything!! Before I could order stuff and have it sent to my parents, and arrive home to see my lovely family and also lovely prezzies waiting for me. but now... oh my... they got all fancy shmancy and can now deliver international, but not to Israel. And thank god too... it would be over double the price in shipping and taxes alone. jeez... I suppose this is someone's way of telling me I don't need to be shopping... but it makes me want to cry...(said in Gretl's voice, from the Sound of Music)