Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Clothing Can Influence Behavior.

Ha. While we were cleaning out a room yesterday at the archive, we found these old projector slides from an American Home Ec class in 1967. Um, Yes, of COURSE I want them!!! I'm been giggling non stop at my new found treasure. Holy Crap, they are hilarious....

Obviously...look at the stoners on the right side... No school spirit at all....

If you don't dress like Carol Brady, then you must dine at The Burger Hut...

Bet you "Ms Popular" will have to eat at the Burger Hut.

Totally agree...Nothing cheers me up more than the phrase, "Actually, these are on sale" and nothing brings me down more than "Sorry, we're out of that size..." Although this image confuses me.. I'm seeing... cub scout...rainy day...bad haircut... No, I'm stumped.

They are too much... oh and there are more...I would have loved to have sat in the class. The only thing I remember from home ec was constantly getting yelled at for not taking the hall pass to the 'lav' and learning how to 'sift flour'. wicked.