Sunday, February 24, 2008

Inspirations for a Cloudy Day.

So I spoke too soon yesterday of our lovely weather... it seems that today it's gone back to cloudy and cold, or as I might had said in my Hebrew lesson this morning, Ha yom me unaan. I've been revisiting some of my favorite books to get me out of this grey sky day.

I have so many books that are so inspiring, I flip through the pages and literally, my heart beats faster.

The colors, the way the photos have been styled, the layout... all amazing. Today in particular, I'm looking at Tricia Guild's (how can you go wrong with a Tricia Guild book??) "Inspiration. Her books, textiles, and color choices are always a feast for the eyes.

Especially on a gloomy day...enjoy!
(all images from Tricia Guild's book, 'Inspiration')

Here is one of the pillows we bought in Tel Aviv... I love it on this chair (from Ikea), with the mix of texture, pattern and color... however, Erik thinks it totally doesn't match and ruins the chair... this may be an ongoing battle of moving the pillow around the room....