Sunday, March 9, 2008

8 Women

As I was sitting on the sofa painstakingly sewing sequins onto an old dress, I stumbled upon the most stylishly fun film ever. After searching Catherine Deneuve, French films, and musicals, I came upon my answer, the film,8 Women. The costumes! The colors! The wallpaper! The furniture! the style! I'm loving it. teensy problem... our cable here in Israel only subtitles foreign films into Hebrew... and I don't speak French, so I have no idea what is going on... Ah well, I'll have to rent it again while I'm home. But, for now, with no understanding, it's a treat to watch.


thinh said...

Zoe, how are you? i read your blog all the time and have to comment on this one since i love this movie too. it's about the 8 related women who live together and tried to solve the murder mystery after the man of the house is death. Catherine is the wife, isabelle hupert played her poor spinster clumsy sister, the older lady played their mom, the black lady obviously was the maid. virgine ledoyen and the younger one were catherine's children. emanuelle beart was also the maid and his mistress. and fanny ardent was catherine's cousin who also had an affair with catherine husband. so everyone had a motive to kill but i forgot how. i love the fight scene between catherine and fanny that turn into a 50's campy lesbian love scene. you should rent "the umbrella of cherbourg", starring the 18 year old catherine deneuve and the colors in that movie are gorgeous. authentically technicolor from the 60's with authentic 60's decor. 8 women tried to capture the vintage look, color and the campy B movie type and Francoise Ozon - one of my favorite film maker/director - did a great job.
happy watching movie Zoe! later, thinh