Friday, March 21, 2008


Today I got the BEST BIRTHDAY PACKAGE from Konrad and Sarah.... it contained....the DVDs, 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' (totes making erik watch it... oh the excitement of someone watching it for their first time!) 'Splash' (A classic) and 2 cds....the soundtrack for Juno, which I'm sure is totally awesome, but haven't heard yet, because I'm glued to the other cd they sent me. The soundtrack to Once. Sheila was given the cd by Heather, and said it was sooo good. So when I opened the package in the car, and popped the cd in... I almost cried beause it's a great cd and also.... well.... I've been missing my mom a lot.... Sheila had sent me this book recently and this excerpt is so so so.....Sheila I miss you!
"I want my mommy. I thought about these words, how they contained so much more than they seemed to contain, more than any four words could contain, more than any four words could hold. They meant what they meant and they were also a universal cry, maybe THE universal, plaintive, openhearted cry for comfort. Soldiers in the heat of battle; death-row prisoners; explorers stranded in deserts, jungles, on mountaintops; anyone sick or lost or tired and bewildered: we all wanted our mothers....why didn't they collapse under such weight?"
(from "Loved Walked In" by Marisa De Los Santos.)

I Know it's not Mothers Day in the US or even in England (I missed it...sorry) But Sheila.... You really are the BEST. Thank you for not collapsing under all my weight.


Heather said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday!
I'm glad you like the soundtrack...My daughter loves it too...We have to play "Falling Slowly" every time we get in the car!

konrad said...

That's so nice! Sheila's great.
I'm glad that you liked the CD's and DVD's, although I was secretly hoping that a picture of our packaging job would make it into the blog (or Blobs - as giggles calls it). Maybe next time...