Monday, March 10, 2008


Everywhere I'm seeing these, jumpsuits/playsuits/rompers... whatever you wish to call them. At first I was aghast... Are we 3 years old!? Are they even flattering? And if you go to the restroom with one of your girlfriends (because females often travel to the loos in twos) will be awkwardly sitting on the commode topless! Then I thought, hmmm... it does look playful (if we are in fact going for a playful Rollergirl from Boogie Nights look), you don't have to choose a top and bottom to wear... great for the beach perhaps? The safari one may be cute in heels? I'm still not sure what I think...we'll see...
(above from Old Navy.)

The Gap.

Diane Von Furstenberg.

David David. Which is funny because my friend Yasmin's boyfriend in high school was actually named David David. For real! First and last name! Different middle name however...Why be predictable, no?.