Monday, March 3, 2008


Sometimes there's nothing better than a new nail color. My favorite part of getting a manicure is choosing my color... Like when you were a child and got to pick a toy out of the treasure chest after successfully not screaming or kicking the dentist during a cleaning. Oh so many colors! and so many fun names! Too many choices! Well, I just found out that on the OPI Website, you can go to the 'try it on studio', pick your skin color, and see what it would look like. Hello, fun time-waster!! Although, the hand shown is way too manicured and long-nailed for it to even remotely resemble mine, it's still fun. I gave myself a real manicure last night with the yellow color shown top left. It's called 'Need Sunglasses'. However, Sheila and Erik agree it should be called something more along the lines of 'Nail Fungus".... whatever... I think it looks wicked.