Saturday, March 8, 2008


There was a piece in British Vogue's March issue about new upholsterers taking on a more fashion angle with their pieces. Interesting, and a fun way to think of dressing your house. I was taken by Lisa Whatmough's company Squint. She takes vintage fabrics, old Japanese silks, Indian pieces and patchworks them all to cover the furniture. It has a neat look, although if you had one of these in your place, you'd have to be careful with what else was in the room so as not to look too cluttered. I've seen this kind of Anthropologie maybe? and cheaper ones in Urban Outfitters (perhaps copying her? I'm not sure...). But I'm liking it, and glad that in a time of Ikea with our disposable futon covers, the job of an upholster is getting more and more creative.