Thursday, March 13, 2008

A New Job! or My Day With Pooh!

No, I did not get a job with the sanitation department thank you very much... Today I met with a woman who runs her own childrens-wear company and was in need of some graphic design help. This morning I was a complete wreck.... What to wear (a vintage-looking denim full skirt, cropped 1960's 3/4 length sleeved bright yellow jacket, and white heels...scratched that, changed to comfortable boots instead), but also how the flip-flop I'd get there... It's located in an arab village up in the hills that had no streets names and no signs. Sweet. So you can imagine how I, a very bad driver with a worse sense of direction felt.... like crying, calling my mom, and hiding under the covers. But, if I've learned anything being here, it's that no matter how hard or scary something seems, you have to do it. And do it, I did. Without getting lost once...although I almost hit a goat.
Anyhoo.... The woman was really nice, her collections very cute, and the people friendly. What was supposed to be a meet-each-other event turned out to be a 7 hour work day. It felt great to be back working. I was a little rusty as first, and we're using a software I don't know, so there were many swears bouncing around in my head trying to escape my mouth. But here's the knee-slapper part.... they have a license from Disney to use Winnie the Pooh. And that is the project I'm currently working on.... so this is what my day sounded like "You'll want to use the classic Pooh, and try to find a Pooh that is more winter-y and not so summer-y. Like this Pooh with an acorn." I swear, I was trying SO HARD to seriously talk about poo. Poo... hee hee... POO!!! Oh I'm practiacally peeing myself..... snort....