Monday, May 26, 2008

7 Hours of Walking in Tel Aviv

That's what we did. But it was worth it. We found some great shops with some really inspiring pieces, and did a bit of shopping as well. This is a pillow case I bought at the shop, Hafatzim. Unfortunately I lent Erik my camera for his trip, so while I couldn't take any photos of the shop, you'll have to take my word for it; it was fabulous. The shop sold all house accessories which included Moroccan plates, glasses, candles sticks, and lush velvet pillows and bed covers in bright colors that you just want to eat. It's located on Chaloshe St... Oh also something we learned.. on maps, in Time Out and on the actual street signs, no names are spelt the same... so that made things oh so easy to find...hmph.
I also bought some comfortable bright green pants and a really cute skirt that for some reason didn't come out in the photo, but I'll take another snap of it and put it up eventually.

We also went to an enormous home store called Hadarim on Shalome St (or maybe it was Salome St...) Just to go in and see the ceilings is worth it. Shabby chic pieces with some Kitch Kitchen thrown in. Very interesting.
But my favorite of all was the childrens store Carousella on Rothchild Blvd. They had a lot of these animal pillows by Moroccan company Zid Zid. So adorable... it made the idea of having children not so scary and more fun with the promise of wonderfully unique toys.

Today we are off to the Eretz Museum for some culture....