Friday, May 16, 2008

Turn This Room into An Outfit...

That was my first thought after I took this photo. I was laughing uncontrollably while Erik stared at me confused and a little frightened...'Like in Domino Magazine... you know? how they do that? oh never mind...' We spent today changing our apartment around. I wasn't so into it at first because I liked how it looked and didn't feel like moving heavy furniture, but after a while I warmed up to it and got way into it.... Maybe a bit tooo into it... I think I'm getting loopy from being inside all day, we'll have to get out soon.
Anyway, we're enjoying our weekend, and hope you will enjoy yours too.

I'm now waiting for a certain shop to call me to to tell me that the dress I ordered is in... why don't you ring phone....ring dammit!