Sunday, May 11, 2008

Holiday Weekend

After all of my grumpiness (which is gone today!) I forgot to post photos of our fun holiday weekend. Oops. Last Thursday was Independance Day and also the 60th anniversary. From what we witnessed, it was a lot like the 4th of July- BBQs, family, beach, fireworks, etc.

On Thursday morning we drove into Tel Aviv to see the air show while having a picnic on the beach. I was a but skeptical at first...while Topgun is Erik's favorite movie, I'm not a huge fan of watching planes...But I couldn't complain, sitting on the beach with a cold drink, watching the whole scene...very fun.
Friday we drove up north to a winery we'd been wanting to visit. We got a teeeensy bit lost (guess who was navigating...), but ended up finding it at the top of a huge hill with horses and goats around the area. Worth getting lost...

We left our hot beach-y weather, and hit rain! It was so being in the English countryside...

On our last day of the 3 day weekend Erik tried surfing by our house...

I swear, I will try one day...when I'm over my fear of waves, sharks, and breaking my neck. To end it all we enjoyed a nice dessert by the sea...ahh long weekends!