Monday, May 5, 2008

Tip Top

I know I recently did a TopShop post, but I had to add one more thing. I was just in there today and saw some great new prints, and some really fun tops. I'm not sure if I'll ever actually buy any, but I can look. (oh how I miss the days when shopping at Top Shop was cheaper...and the exchange rate was nicer to me...) My favorites of these are the top left and top right. The red one on the right is really cute in real life, very nautical and Anthropologie. The top left grabbed me for some nostalgic reason... I think that when I was small I had a sundress in those colors....I love when you get reactions from certain color combinations. Whether they spark memories, or just clash in that perfect way. Right now I'm loving my toenail polish (clambake by essie) against my blue pilates mat. It's so distracting that instead of doing my "roll like a ball and come up" i'm gazing at my toes against the mat....hmm... maybe I need some friends here...


Beatriz said...

Dear Zoe;
I'm trying to replace a jacket we bought while recently in Israel and accidentally threw in the dryer. I think by the label it is your design. It is made of eyelet, black, fitted, size 2 and beautiful. Any ideas?