Friday, May 23, 2008

If You Wait For It, It Will Come....But will you still want it?

So finally, my dress that I ordered arrived at Mango. I had gone in earlier this week with no luck, so the guy working there wrote down the shop phone number and his name so I could call and check later. So all this week it totally looked like I scored some guy named Yoav's number. Good thing Erik isn't around. Anyway, I went in today and tried it on and Just, eh. I didn't love it. But I had been thinking about it all week and felt like it needed me. The size was a bit big... and well honestly, looked bad on me with the belt that came with it. But the shop girls were like No, you have to tie it... I looked like a blimped up Holly Hobby. Nice. But I thought I would give it a try...So back home I went and out came the sewing machine. After many pins, a few stabs and some eyes verging on spilling tears, I fixed it. I think.... I did a pretty crap job of bringing in the sides, but it looks better. I hate when I buy something that isn't perfect with the thought that I can change it myself. I should have learned by now, You can't change men, you can't change the weather, and you can't change a bad dress (well maybe Molly Ringwald can for the prom, but then again that dress was debatable).