Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cover'n Up

Before Dana's arrival and with Erik out of the country, I had gone on an intense diet and work out plan. I had dropped about 3 pounds ( yes, yes, I know... you'll gain it back, blah blah... I like instant gratification) And I felt great. I was eating only vegetables, fruit, yogurt, no bread or carbs. I was running 3 miles a day and also doing pilates and weights. However... since Dana has been here, I've been slipping a bit... not that I blame her... I can only blame myself. It's because we've been eating out so much and well... bread in Israel is a-maz-ing. But I do feel bad complaining about wanting to lose weight to a pregnant person... especially when I do know I don't need to, I just want to tone up. But when she feels like her ass is growing as rapidly as India's population, I will do my best as a friend and help her out with dessert. Tomorrow we have plans to spend the day by the pool, so I will need a helpful cover up like this one from Monsoon.