Monday, May 5, 2008

Here is it!

I went to the mall today and yes, the bag came home with me. I'm very excited about it and totally glad I bought it. For Passover, Erik's company gave him a bunch of gift certificates to shops in the mall (unfortunately for me, they don't include Mango, or TopSHop....darn). Well, you can guess who got their mitts on some of them...Erik and I are going to split the amount...Well... there are more girl stores anyway.. he would only have his pick of one mens clothing store and Ace hardware... Um, yeah, anyway ok, so, I managed to get myself a free pair of shorts today. Hurray!! Making the move to shorts! And with that said, I love this whole look from the Mango catalog (I didn't see if the top was actually in the shop as I was only paying attention to my lovely new blue bag...).

The colors, the print, even the shorts....